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House Rules

10 Simple House Rules to Follow

so that everyone can have an enjoyable and hygienic experience (non-adherence can result in additional charges/deduction or forfeiture of deposit)

(Click here to see the additional charges that may arise due to non-compliance to house rules)

  1. Please observe the “no soiled footwear” signs.

  2. Basic cleaning is required after use, or an additional $80 cleaning fee might be imposed. Trash must be double bagged and can be left near the entrance. Basic cleaning comprises: (a) bag all trash, (b) return all equipment to their original positions, (c) rinse glasses you used. If the floor is dirty due to food and liquid consumption, mud stains, or any other introduced debris, please use a mop or broom to clean up. The vacuum cleaner can be used, but shall not be for vomitus or food/liquid spills. Leaky trash bags may cause additional cleaning fees to be imposed.

  3. Return all shifted furniture to its original position. The pool table cannot be shifted as damages can result.

  4. No excessively loud music, shouting or rowdy behaviour. Keep music and karaoke volume low before 10pm as there are other operators within the building. An acceptable noise level would be that of a restaurant bar. Keep all activities within the unit ONLY without accessing other floors of the building. If a complaint due to excessive noise or trespassing is surfaced, or if the police are activated to survey, your full deposit will be forfeited.

  5. Treat all equipment, games and furniture with care and respect. Damage of facilities, equipment or furniture will be subjected to replacement fees. DO NOT fiddle with the switches or disconnect/connect audio equipment, or you can be charged restoration fees.

  6. No smoking, e-cigarette or shisha within the unit. Smoking area is available at the stairwell beside the lift. Your fire safety is secured with smoke detectors within the unit. Triggering of the detectors will activate fire services and may result in forfeiture of deposit in event of non-compliant use.

  7. No sexual activities or drugs.

  8. If you wish to consume alcohol, please purchase from our partners alcohaul.sg or alcoholdelivery.com.sg (don’t worry, prices are very reasonable). Bringing your own alcohol is allowed with purchase of at least $100 from our partners.

  9. For decorating the place or hanging of signs, do not use strong mounting tapes, nails, glue or any form of adhesive that will be difficult to remove or damage the surfaces. As a guide, use masking tapes or 3M command adhesive.

  10. Leave on time, unless prior confirmation has been sought with us. Additional charges will apply. We need the place clean for the next group!